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The best range of hand selected products

Goodness for all

We ask ourselves this question regularly at the Little Hen because we’re genuinely passionate about helping our community as much as we can.

All of the goodness

We pride ourselves on stocking an extensive range of quality, conscious groceries. From organic fresh produce, pantry staples, tasty snacks and household supplies to vegan and gluten free alternatives.

Holistic health and healing

We are passionate about creating and facilitating healthy habits for everyone around her, and the Little Hen allows her to do just that with the abundant health food products offered.

Nutrition is important

Health Matters

Some of the current health problems are associated with eating disorders or failure. Our state of mind, physical appearance and general health depend on a balanced diet for proper functioning.

We believe that professional support in our diet is important. For this reason we have in-store nutritionists to help you with everything you need related to nutrition and health. You can receive short consultations within the store or you can even schedule sessions via Zoom with the available nutritionist. Write us for more detailed information. Our staff creates delicious and healthy recipes to reinforce and balance your diet.

Feel free to visit our store and consult our nutrition experts.

Nutrition & Education

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Great place, good organic produce, lots of fresh fruit and veggies.

Paula Bagnato

amazing range of organic veggies and really good variety in the stock. really welcoming staff members and the place always looks really clean.

Austin Glessner

An exceptional community grocer. I highly recommend that you get into the mix.

John Anderson