Detox Strategies for Success

 As within, so without…

Springtime is a time of renewal; as the long, slow winter has come to an end we start to see glimpses of life and vitality start to appear again. Plants and trees begin to blossom as the days get longer. We start to feel once again the sun kissing our skin as we peel away the Winter layers. The collective sense of relief and joy can be felt as we all embrace that time between the “too cold” winter, and the “too hot” summer.
Springtime signals the end of our hibernating months and encourages us to open our windows and let the fresh air in. Many of us feel compelled to engage in the ritual of spring cleaning, too. Closets and cupboards get cleaned out, walls and floors get scrubbed, and we clear space in our home to make way for the new. We want to feel open, spacious and alive.
Just like our homes, our bodies too require attention and cleaning. The Winter months typically see us slow down and become stagnant. We bundle up in our warm clothes and eat our favourite comfort foods. A glass of red wine in front of the tv while watching a movie. Bored, standing in front of the fridge looking for a second lunch to keep us entertained.
The Winter of 2020 and COVID in particular - it has been heavy and stressful to say the least. It has been a time of #isobaking and home deliveries; less movement and more sugar. It’s been taking a toll on our bodies, especially our livers and our gastrointestinal systems.

The liver - our natural filtration system.

Our liver is our body's filtration system; it is constantly in an active state, metabolising the foods we eat, clearing out toxins and storing nutrients for when we need them. Like every filtration system, our precious liver can also benefit from a clean every now and again, particularly after long periods of high consumption of toxic substances, like alcohol, sugar, saturated fats and exposure to environmental chemicals.
Cleansing can also be very helpful for the gastrointestinal system. By reducing the amount and cleaning up the quality of the food we eat, our digestive system is able to divert energy from digestion and use it for healing and repairing
Think of it like hitting the reset button on your body.

What’s in it for me?

• More energy
• Better mood, attention & focus
• Better digestion
• Weight management
• A healthier, more efficient immune system



What’s the time commitment?

There’s a lot of differing opinions about what the best time for a cleanse is; anywhere from 14 days to 8 weeks. We recommend at least 14 days to give you a chance to detoxify and then enjoy the vibrancy and good feels that will come. Two weeks is totally achievable, and if you are feeling great and want to continue then another week will not hurt.

What to expect during a cleanse.

There’s no way to sugar coat it (and cleanse protocol won’t allow it anyway). The first few days are going to be rough; you may experience headaches, nausea, fatigue and muscle weakness as your body releases the toxins and they are processed and eliminated. Lots of water and rest will help to ease you through this.
Try not to take any panadol or painkillers as this is adding toxic load to the liver and may counteract the work you are putting in. Your bowel movements may also become a bit erratic, but trust the process and look forward to more regular and satisfying motion soon.
Following this initial period, you will start to feel lighter, more energetic, more clear-headed and more focused. The pain will be a distant memory and you’ll be very happy that you endured.

How to end a cleanse.

It’s important to re-enter the world of “normal” eating a bit more conscious of what you allow into your beautiful body. Bingeing on alcohol and burgers the day your cleanse ends is both disrespectful to your body and the work you have just done, and will overload your body with things it’s now not used to (sugar, fat, ethanol) making you feel very very unwell.
Ideally, the same principles of the cleanse will remain the foundation of your eating habits (plant-based, wholefoods diet with lots of water and movement), with good quality selection from the cleanse “cut” list, and a few cheeky discrepancies here and there (because life’s for living, right?).


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