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At Little Hen we understand that buying organic can sometimes be expensive, but we also understand how important it is NOT to put poisonous chemicals in our bodies. That’s why we’ve revised our club membership to help save you money and live your best life.
As a part of our Flock, you get the following member's only discounts.

-  5% off everyday

- 10% off Temptation Tuesday

- 15% off Super Saturday

- Exclusive members only promotions

Discounts are valid across our whole store with some exclusions and cannot be redeemed with products already on promotion. 
If that wasn’t a sweet enough deal, we’re continuing to run our rewards program, where for every $200 you spend at Little Hen we will give you $5 store credit.

Just like our products, there are no hidden nasties with this offer, Just sign up FOR FREE and enjoy!
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*Excludes bread, milk, meat, supplements, flowers and items on promotions  

-Super Saturday held on the first Saturday of every month  

-Temptation Tuesday held every Tuesday