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United Together



Store Manager

Haans has just spent the last 6 years on the ships for Sea Shepherd and after doing 3 Antarctic campaigns and 7 IUU campaigns as a Ship Manager and Chief Mate. Her knowledge of the ocean and environmental issues that she has seen in her travels is a welcoming addition to The Little Hen as we move forward to keeping this planet plastic free and environmentally friendly.




Ven Wolfe is a passionate man that aspires to inspire. Consciousness expansion and awareness are the primary focuses of his meditative practice. Ven is always seeking to update his knowledge of environmental issues and healthy plant based lifestyles and loves to chat about it. peace and love always “If you don’t have a plan, you’ll end up being part of somebody else’s” T.K. McKenna.



Assistant Manager

Thimpika Sachdej is a registered Associate Nutritionist with the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA). She has particular interests in plant-based nutrition, holistic nutrition and obesity prevention. She is a self-described foodie and loves to experiment with different recipes to get the most health benefits out of her meals. She is passionate about creating and facilitating healthy habits for everyone around her, and the Little Hen allows her to do just that with the abundant health food products offered. This is why she loves and enjoys being a part of the Little Hen.




As a nature-lover and flower child at heart, floristry has always been Ashleigh's dream career. Not just a creative outlet, working with flowers is a way for her to connect with the community, and to share her love and knowledge of plants. Ashleigh places importance on innovating her craft with a focus on sustainability and mindfulness, and believes that flowers have many lessons to teach us, if we are willing to listen.



Floor Manager

Thani is a taswegian living in St kilda who loves the beach, culture and her rescue cat Crombie. She is vegan, a snappy op shop dresser and tosses paint around regularly as an art school student. Red is her favourite colour and living green is her way of life. She loves working at the little hen because it embodies her passions for food, health and shaping a sustainable Planet.