2019 Wellness Trends: Little Hen's Top 7 Picks

Trying a new trend on for size can be just the hook you need to adopt some healthier habits in the new year. We take a look at the Health and Wellbeing categories set to boom in 2019, and encourage you to make 2019 your best YOU yet.


Cauliflower has already transformed your homemade pizza habit, but the veggie is coming to replace more than just crust. In the US, sales for packaged Cauliflower products grew 71% in 2018 and it’s only going to continue to boom.

In 2019, expect the rockstar veggie to move past the freezer section and into the chips and cracker aisle—typically thought of as the least healthy section of the store.

Try: Curiously Cauli Dips ($7.49) and Crackers ($6.99)


Hugely Successful in the US and UK Oat Milk we predict Oat Milk will be the next big thing in dairy alternatives.

Oat Milk doesn’t have the nutty taste the other alternatives, like almond or macadamia do, and it’s creamy and steams quite well compared to dairy milk, which is an added bonus as not all alternate milks do well being frothed.

Try: Pure Harvest Oat Milk 1L, $3.49


The plant-based meat market is now booming, with sales surging 23% in 2018 thanks to innovative companies. Meanwhile, plant-based dairy now accounts for 13% of all milk sales. With chicken, beef, and dairy already transforming to keep up with consumer preferences, fish is the logical next candidate for a plant-based makeover.

Try: Loma Linda Meatless Tuno, 85g, $3.99


Fast-paced lives, toggling between screens and trying to compete with computer processing speeds has us reaching for “nootropics”, supplements such as L-theanine, B-vitamins, choline, Omega-3s and medicinal mushrooms, which promise to enhance brain power, memory and concentration.

Try: Ultra Ceuticals Ultra Clean EPA/DHA 120 tablets $48.50


Mixing men and women on the runways is nothing new, fashion has been exploring unisex, one-style fits all themes for a while. Now skincare brands pitched at younger consumers are going gender-neutral with packaging and potions that appeal to both sexes.

Try: HempMe Cleanser 100g, $29.99


Flat whites are out and ordering a coffee keeps on getting more complicated. If you’re a real wellness warrior no doubt you’ve tried Bulletproof-style with MCT oil, butter or coconut oil. Next up, try spiking your morning cup with B vitamins, adrenal-supportive adaptogenic herbs and antioxidants.

Try: Four Stigmatic Mushroom Mixes $2.50ea

7. Zero Waste Living

While it's not overly 'new', we can't put enough emphasis on the importance of this one. The movement to reduce food waste is gaining mainstream momentum as consumers seize small opportunities to change behaviours and do their bit for the planet to reduce greenhouse gases via home composting, wonky vegetables and ‘ugly’ produce and ‘nude food’ sans plastic packaging.

Try: EverEco Reusable Produce Bags, $14.99 set of 4

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