6 shocking things I found when I ditched Gluten & Refined Sugar for just 10 days

Historically I’m not the most conscious eater. Actually, who am I kidding? Before making the gluten and sugar cull from my diet I paid pretty much NO attention to what I put in my mouth.

The general rule was, if it tasted good… I ate it. I’m Georgia, the Little Hen Marketing Chick and Self Confessed 'Bad Habit' Girl. Determined to change a few of those 'bad habits', about 10 days ago I cut gluten and refined sugar (aka the crap) from my diet, and well, I’ve been pretty blown away by what’s happened.

Given my eating habits, It shouldn’t have come to a shock to me that when my new Realisation Par it-girl skirt finally arrived in the mail, I couldn’t get the damn thing on past my bum without one hell of a struggle.

Now, I knew full well that my eating habits were reeking havoc on my gastro-intestinal system, and I knew that as a result I was chronically tired and bloated and just generally ugh. But, “whatever” –I told myself. To put this in perspective, until about a year ago I was also a smoker (I know, I know). And I was also well aware that those cancer sticks were slowly killing me –but in the end it was only the financial burden that pushed me over the edge to quit and not the inevitable and horrific health ramifications.

For some reason I’ve always put my health second to ‘pleasure’. But really, nothing is pleasurable when you’re sick.

Perhaps my brain is wired a bit wrong, but somehow I feel like I’m not alone in turning a blind eye to chronic, rather than acute, health issues –The good ol’ “out of site, out of mind” mentality. I know I’m always tired, but hey, I can just reach for a can of coke or a cup of sugary coffee, and bang, fixed! Am I Right? Hardly... Enter the bum that doesn't fit into the skirt!

So, I could have easily exchanged the skirt for a larger size, but since landing this new job with Little Hen, I thought “Georgia, why do you continue to fight your body?” “why not embrace all the things you’re learning about Gut Health and see what happens?”

And that’s exactly what I’ve done

While losing a few kg’s was absolutely my goal –I’m actually shocked at the other things that have happened along the way and honestly, the weight loss is now of secondary importance to how much better I’m feeling.

After just 10 days without gluten and refined sugar… this is what I discovered…

Georgia, LIttle Hen's Marketing Manager & Self Confessed "Bad Habit' Girl was blown away by the short term affects of culling the crap.


I’m not sure why this came as such a shock to me… I mean obviously beauty comes from within. But in this consumerist, beauty product obsessed world we inhabit, we’re led to believe that we need to spend a fortune at Mecca on bottles of retinol and vitamin C to have glowing skin. I’ve done this for years, and while it helps, (sort of) I really haven’t seen the kind of difference in my skin from anything I’ve bought, compared to the change I’ve seen from not eating s**t.

2) IT’S EASIER TO WAKE UP I’ve NEVER been a morning person. The whole “morning person” thing has always been a completely foreign concept to me, until now. Now that my dinners aren’t based around heavy starchy ingredients I’ve found that I’m getting out of bed half an hour earlier than I have to. This is INSANE behaviour for me. INSANELY GOOD. 3) IT’S ACTUALLY NOT EVEN HARD I always thought it would be really “hard” to quit refined sugar and gluten. Take it from me, it’s really not. There are SO many amazing gluten free options out there today that make the shift pretty damn easy. GF Bread, Pasta, Snacks –they’re all readily available at both restaurants and supermarkets. However, shopping at the Little Hen means I get even MORE delicious options. Bias aside, Little Hen really does make healthy eating easy with the huge and diverse range they offer. And yeah, I do have to get up a bit earlier to make and eat my breakfast, but as I just mentioned –I’m less tired in the mornings, so it’s not even a thing!? 4) IT’S ACTUALLY REALLY DELICIOUS It’s not that I don’t like healthy food, or that I don't eat it. It’s just that I always saw a "restrictive diet" as ‘hard’ and guess I felt like I’d have to give up the ‘delicious’ factor if I went down the strict healthy path. I’m here to tell you that you don’t. Healthy and delicious are NOT mutually exclusive.

This is a sample of what a day in my “gluten free, refined sugar free” life looks like:

Breakfast: Garlic Spinach and Mushroom Omlette with avocado and fetta

Morning Snack A handful of organic cashews

Lunch Sushi & a kombucha

Afternoon Snack Celery with organic peanut butter

Dinner Chicken San Choy Bow with brown rice

Sweet Treat Coconut Yogurt with blueberries and a lil bit of honey

YUM! I’m salivating just recounting yesterdays menu. Am I missing out on flavour? Absolutely NOT. Am I hungry? also no.

5) I’VE SAVED MONEY People have a misconception that eating healthy is expensive. Along with cutting gluten and refined sugar, I’ve also put myself on a 30 day Uber-Eats ban. Thanks to the new feature on my banking app, I’m privy to the fact that last month I spent $387 on Takeaway food. Now, THAT is expensive, and just plain lazy. I can tell you now, I will most definitely SAVE money by eating better and eating food that I prepare myself.

6) MY TUMMY IS FLATTER I don’t keep scales in the house because I don’t believe in them. I actually have no idea whether I’ve lost any weight or not, but my stomach is, without question, flatter. Now that I’m not filling my system with rubbish I can see just how much it reacted when I did. I was constantly bloated, and now I’m not. Turns out my tummy wasn’t even really that “fat” it was just bloated most of the time from eating gluten-laden products. Amazing!

So that’s 6 major, and tangible benefits in just 10 days.

What the Actual?

While I’m not sporting my ‘dreamgirl ‘ skirt JUST yet, to be honest, I don’t really care!?

I feel so much better in general, and have so much extra energy I could probably rock a paper bag at this point (well, maybe not quite.) But the point is, whatever your catalyst for change, I can pretty much guarantee that once you bite the bullet, you’ll be shocked by the all-over positive difference that cutting the crap really makes. I most certainly was.

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