6 ways to wrap presents that WONT trash the planet

We’re celebrating a Very Sustainable Holiday at Little Hen this year.

We have an amazing range of sustainable gift ideas for you to explore this year (you can find them here: )

However, it’s not just the gift that counts in our plight toward sustainability. It’s estimated that we create 30% more waste over the festive season, from discarded Christmas tress to additional food waste and that god forsaken cheap and nasty wrapping paper. The amount of wrapping paper thrown out in the UK alone is enough to wrap around the equator 9 times, which is simply not ok.

Here are six tips on how to wrap your gifts this festive season that wont only look amazing, they won’t f*ck the planet. WIN WIN.

1. Learn the Art of Furoshiki

Furoshiki is the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth and can be used to wrap anything with Origami folding concepts. These days, furoshiki is gaining attention as a sustainable cloth. Unlike wrapping paper, furoshiki won’t go to bin after unwrapping a gift. Instead of filling landfill with used wrapping paper, we can fill our lives with creative ideas such as a scarf, or a table runner or a tissue box cover. Google ‘Furoshiki Tutorial’ and master the art this holiday season.

2. Make the wrapping part the gift Now that you're a Furoshiki master, why not make the wrapping paper part of the gift? Scarves, clothes and teatowels make for a great gifts and can be used to encase presents. You can often find these at your local op shop and support charity while you’re at it.

3. Use Newspapers & Magazines When you think about it, what's the point of spending on wrapping paper, when there are lots of large sheets of paper available in our everyday lives. Imagine a beautiful image of food from an old magazine turned into your gift wrap this year. Monochrome wrapping is always on point, parts of the newspaper also makes great wrapping paper

4. Get the Kids involved If you’ve got kids, why not have them help you make some wrapping paper. Butchers Paper and basic water paint will be a fun activity for everyone involved and it’s extra sentimental for the lucky recipient. If you don't have kids, doesn't matter! Channel your inner Picasso and get creative!

5. Use Potato Chip Bag

This is an awesome idea that only Martha Stewart could come up with… Potato-chip bag gift wrap! This is not only clever and festive, but a way re-use a large, empty potato-chip bag. Just open it up to reveal the shiny silver inside. After a good cleaning and drying, you now have some great foil wrapping paper, which is perfect around the holidays

6. Reuse gift Bags It’s highly likely that you are going to receive a gift in a gift bag this year, when you do, keep it and use it next Christmas. A lot of these bags have plastic coating on them, so they’re going to last a very long time (like 500 years) So we need to use them as much as we can in their lifetime.

We’re sure there are many more ways to get creative and do away with traditional wrapping paper, please share any ideas with us in the comments section below, and have yourself a very sustainable holiday.

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