We're axing 'Tampon Tax' NOW

Earlier this week, women across Australia rejoiced at the Governments decision to FINALLY scrap GST from women’s sanitary products after an 18 year battle. It’s going to take the Government a few months to be able to roll out this mandatory discount, however at Little Hen we’re axing the tax NOW. Until last Wednesday, condoms, Viagra, and lubricant were all exempt from the goods and services tax, however female items (that women don’t have a choice in buying mind you) were deemed taxable. Where’s the logic??

While the matter of money is always at the forefront of such debates, there is a greater argument at the crux of this issue and that’s equality.

As your local ethical grocer we take equality very seriously, and personally we feel that 18 years is WAY too long for feminine hygiene products to be taxed when they never should have been in the first place.

That’s why from today until January 1st (when the laws will officially change) we are taking 10% off our whole range of sanitary products.

Come down to the Little Hen today and shop our range of female hygiene products.

• TOM Organic Pads and Tampons

• Hannahpad Reusable Pads

• Lunette Menstrual Cups

Little Hen, proudly supporting women.

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