A Little Hen Nutritionist 

Thimpika is a qualified Nutritionist, with a Master's degree in Nutrition & Population Health from Deakin University. She has been awarded Deakin Head of School Academic Achievement Award 2019. 

Thimpika is a registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA). She currently holds multiple roles within the health & nutrition industry, including a community nutritionist educating children in schools across Victoria about healthy eating, coordinating health events, managing food brands, creating online content, as well as recipe testing & development.


Thimpika believes that our physical well-being, mental state and essentially quality of life are largely dependent on diet and eating habits. It is her goal to help people improve their health with evidence-based nutrition approaches and education.

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Holistic Nutritionist 

Jacinta, a fully accredited Clinical Nutritionist, began her health and wellness mission when she was in her early 20’s after suffering herself from digestive, skin and vitality issues. After years of trying ‘fad’ diets and following media driven ‘wellness’  information she wanted to take her health into her own hands and begin on her wellness path. Her passion for food and the positive impact it can have on health drove her to pursue acareer as a Nutritionist, to encourage and motivate others to view food for its healing capabilities, nutrients for vitality in life and for enjoyment to encourage a healthy relationship with food.

Jacinta works with a personal, holistic and collaborative process with clients utilising evidence based information, support, education and guidance to empower clients to heal with dietary and occasionally supplement usage. Together, you and Jacinta can build a healthy new lifestyle to reduce and eradicate any bodily dysfunction, nourish the body from within and empower you to take back your health, to live your best life.


Jacinta has a keen interest in treating skin health issues, gastrointestinal issues including food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities, women’s health, auto-immune diseases, illness prevention, weight management and providing general healthy eating guidance. Fundamentally, Jacinta believes in a plant based dietary approach offering dietary plans,recipes and information on food preparation to help clients to access the valuable nutrients needed from foods


Jacinta is available for a FREE 15 minute consultation. 

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